Course Content

  • The Basics: Step by step

    Learn the importance and value of planning ahead and how to do it correctly so you're not left hangry, stuck in your kitchen all night long, or eating the same old blah food over and over.

  • Keep it Do-able

    You're busy, you've got a household of picky eaters, and you're exhausted. We'll be covering how to keep it entirely do-able, healthy, and simple enough to fit your family and lifestyle.

  • Organization

    Don't let organization scare you. We'll be covering how to set yourself up with enough flexibility so you're ready for anything and everything.

  • Plant Based

    How to keep it plant focused, what to keep on hand and in stock, and how to plan your meals so you and your family feel full, satiated, and get the nutrients you need.

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  • I'm new to plant based eating but not sure how far I want to go with it, is this course for me?

    Absolutely! This course is designed to be for everyone who is just getting started with plant based eating. Whether you want to do only a couple meals a week to a fully plant based diet, this course will help you with getting started, how to make it work for you and your family, and answer questions that might come up in the transition process.

  • Can I get extra personalized support through the course if I need it?

    YES! There are a few ways to get extra support through the course. You can always contact Lisa (your Plant Based Health Coach) with questions, there is a private Facebook Group available for extra support, and once registering for the course, you will have an opportunity to get a private 1:1 bonus session with Lisa so you can get the support you need and get your questions answered.

  • Does this course provide a meal plan with recipes?

    Yes and no. This course is designed to empower you to create your own meal plans and come up with your own recipes that work for you and your family. It is my belief that a done for you meal plan does not empower you to get in the drivers seat of your health or encourage you to listen to your body so that this process is do-able for you and your family and that is why I did not include a cookie cutter meal plan within this course. However, there are clear guides on how to build your meal plan, prepping tips, and recipe resources to make the process simple and easy so you can take control in the kitchen for yourself, have all the tools you need to get started and have success well into the future.

  • What if the course isn't what I expected and I want a refund?

    Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this course at this time and all sales are final. Registration cost is low so everyone can have access to the materials and a lot of hard work has went into this course to help you easily transition to a more plant based diet and lifestyle.

Plant Based Beginner Course

If you've been on the struggle bus getting started with Plant Based eating, especially when it comes to meal planning and prepping, this course is for you! Each module will help you get organized, learn how to make it work for your unique lifestyle, and keep being in the kitchen simple.

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